Printing Workshop - Shop

Our 1 day workshop offers all the help and information you need to start a business from home.

Only one person per session.

We will show you what you need at a reasonable cost and not spend ridiculous amounts on equipment

Learn about the correct methods for a successful sublimation business or just if you want a hobby or sideline

We will teach you how to print T shirts, Mugs, etc etc, To be honest the list is endless with all the items you can print onto.

You will with no doubt get it wrong from the beginning if you start off with learning from videos from youtube etc and realise you have wasted alot of money on buying the wrong hardware, ie, wrong, inks, wrong sub paper, the wrong heat press, the wrong mug press, getting pressures wrong, why are the blacks coming out brown, why doesn't the image i see on my laptop look the same as what has printed out.. 

For the sake of one day's learning you will save thousands.

Based in Warwickshire and the price is £250

For any other information you need or to book just send a message, text, or call us with the day you have in mind and leave the rest to us.